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“Development?Cooperation”—China-African Scholars Mini-forum

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Firstly a Self-introduction period of everyone.


Then began the Two questions time and discussion:

A.      What barriers the development of your country?

B.      What should China do to achieve a long-term relationship? Especially areas with gaps?




(1) poverty, disease, ignorance; corruption(enormous). These impurity are the main barriers;

(2) economic silence due to the patron-client system;


China is following the cold war between Russia and USA, China should set some standards not do business with those corrupted;




(1) Africa is on the margin looking into the global economy;

(2) Imbalanced trade is a huge problem;


(1) how areas to be improved, mutual benefit in the issue should be stressed;

(2) enrich the meaning of Non-interference: consider how your aids is used by the recipient country. More definition or description of the principle.


3, Reflection after coming to China:

Response: after visiting China, understand the coherent, organized culture of China. With fewer resources in China, it develops so well, but Africa’s abundant in resources, we should know how to progress, especially learning from China’s working ethics,


4, Tang from China’s Foreign Affairs University:

(1)Africa is experiencing big transitions from one party system,  what is the solution to Africa when democratic system doesn’t work.

(2)Legitimacy of the outsider country into interfere into Africa should be considered, China, as an outsider, should not blend the interior affairs of Africa countries.


5, Why Interference of the outside countries should be stressed?

(1)It is the Top don’t want the interference, because they’re the beneficiary.

(2)Interference of the outside country can balance and change the relations hoped by the civilian;

(3) In fact, there’s Hostility towards china when they the depressed are not satisfied with the ruling top, and China’s doing business with the top.


6, Africa Union cannot play an expected role as an interferer.

(1)Problem of the Africa Union is the lack of capacity so it needs the power of outside interference, it is a practical issue compared to the theory of non-interference


7, some scholars raised the issue: Watch out for the Chinese. It shows the intense competition China’s facing.


8, what kinds of interference African countries are expecting?

(1)Interference goes beyond military intervention, it includes politics, economy and etc.

(2)Food security should also be the concern, China should help reconstruct the system, how china play a role in constructing the rules. Please Carry Africa on China’s shoulder.


9, a student from South Africa, currently a Ph.D candidate raised a question of clear definition. He thought firstly we should decide what do you define about China, as an integrated party or, and what does development mean, china’s development model or others ?

Broad ideas of the forum,


10, Zambia,

(1)experiences in Zambia is different from China’s model. Zambia took the nationalization to the extreme; invest more on manufacturing,

(2)A problem, government will do things for us,  people are dependent on the state, doing nothing; the problem is that government doesn’t mobilize the people for development;

(3) China should move from government to government relations, China has to convince the people that China is doing the good for the ordinary people. Please move to the right way: people.


11, Wangyong from Peking University,

(1) how to understand china’s role in Africa. One of the greatest contribution lies in the foreign areas, provider of market, enhance of the market access, how to grasp the possibility china offers.

(2) what can china can do, is to improve the infrastructure. Already China has done a lot of things, both sides can benefit. Top of the priority is the infrastructure.

(3) enhance understanding in terms of development. China’s experience evidenced that alternative model may be valuable besides the western one, this is the special contribution of China.

(4) transfer Knowledge and technology, eg. farming technology,

(5) work together to build a better world order, bricks, G20, let’s share a common vision.



(1)   Africa are captured by the past. China has development challenges, self-reliacne, focused.

(2)   All have to develop. China cannot go on getting raw materials without creating jobs.



(1)   It doesn’t have public school, 80% of the population don’t go to school. Lack of Facility, and full of internally-displaced people. Without going to school, the nation can hardly survive.Education a link for Somalia and China.

(2)   lack of skilled workers and professionals.


14, Wang yizhou from Peking University: one question: China has been doing a lot, for example, economic cooperation, security area. What kind of things in the civilized areas, you welcome china’s intervention? For further coopeation, non-intervention includes regime changing. In this area,  do you think what concrete solutions can China do?


15, what can China do to Africa:

(1)   Quite a lot can be done by China in Africa, people to people relation.

(2)   give some benchmarks.

(3)   Come with Five-year development plan.


16, Matthew from India but teaching in Addis Ababa:

When talking about intervention, we should reflect why NATO are not intervening other countries.


17, Zha daojiong from Peking University, why should china do this or that for you


18, Wangyong from Peking University,

(1)   Chinese model, is coined by the scholars. China is still in the in depth development, there’s no final conclusion of what the Chinese model should be.

(2)   China believe Each country should choose its own developing way.


19, Some scholars reply that Chinese model means Socialism with a Chinese Characteristics.


20, Final remarks:

Li Anshan,

(1)there are always new things, only with leadership and hardworking can we conquer it.

(2) Corruption is a prevailing issue in the whole world. In some people’s opinion, U.S is the most corrupted country, it is constitutional corruption.

(3)Dear African friends, Put more emphasis on the culture issue.Don’t let other issues divert your focus on development.