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New Migrations between China and Africa: “civilisation of coexistence”

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New Migrations between China and Africa“civilisation of coexistence”:
——A Chinese Point of View
Liu Haifang
    First of all, China-African relation is not a single-way story as all the afore-mentioned misguiding titles have shown. Instead, as the flip side of the prominent China’s presence in Africa,emerging African presence in China also deserves a good tracking study, especially in the recent decade. When keeping close eyes on how “China’s new presence in Africa” has so far threatened their interests, many western scholars intentionally or unconsciously ignore the African initiatives in China, be the increasing number of business consulates outside of Beijing, African investments especially coming from South Africa, Mauritius, and Seychelles, be branch banks from regional financial institutions, artists, etc., or be those active African young scholars coming with their own resources instead of relying on the Chinese governmental supports. As my colleagues will introduce our currently undertaking project on these African diaspora, I will straightly switch back to my research proposal for the former part.