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Pan Huaqiong

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Curriculum Vitae of Ms. Huaqiong PAN 

First Name: Huaqiong
Last Name: Pan
Date of Birth: October 1, 1965
Position:  Associate professor
Institution: Department of History, Peking University
Address: Yi He Yuan Lu, 5
              Hiadian District
              Beijing 100871
Tel. +86-10-62751650
Fax: +86-10-62751650
Research field: African history, Development studies, International relationship
Academic Background


Feb.2002- Jan.2006
Département des sciences de la Population et du Développement, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium 
Doctor of Social Sciences (Development- Population-
Département des sciences de la Population et du Développement, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium 
Maitrise du Développement-
Department of History, Peking University, China
Master Degree of History
Department of History, Peking University, China
Bachelor Degree of History


 Professional Career


May 2011-July 2011
Universite de Bamako
Visiting scholar
Mar 2011-May 2011
Institut des etudes africaines, Universite Mohammed V-SOuissi, Maroc
Visiting scholar
Department of History, Peking University
Post doctor research fellow
Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels and al.
Interpreter French-Chinese for training course <Gender and Development
May 2002- Oct. 2002
Institute of Social Sciences Studies, Tokyo University
Inviting research fellow
Institute of West Asian and African Studies (IWAAS), CASS
Assistant research fellow
Department of Social Sciences, Yantai University
Assistant professor


Publication (mainly since 2000)
Zheng Jiaxin ed., Zhiminzhuyishi-Feizhoujuan (History of Colonialism, Africa), Beijing: Peking University Publisher, 2000, Chapter 9 (348-382p.) on Berlin Conference (1884-1885) & Chapter 14 (531-559p.) on Decolonization of Belgian Colonies.
Rapports État-paysannerie en Chine: Les problèmes du San Nong et les pratiques des acteurs dans les campagnes après 1978 à partir d’étude de cas du Nord—Shandong et Henan Louvain-La-Neuve: Presses universitaires de Louvain, 2006, 350p.
Rapports État-paysannerie en ChineMüller,VDMVDM Verlag DR. 2010.
Principal Papers since 2000
Feizhou de Renleixue Yanjiu, Xiwang he Tiaozhan (Study on African Anthropology-Hope and Challenge), Xiya Feizhou (West Asia and Africa), No.3, 2000, 47-51(+77).
Lun Kamailong de Tudi gaige dui Guojia yu Nongmin Guanxi de Yingxiang (Impact of Land reform on State-Peasant relation in Cameroon),Xiya Feizhou 46-51;
Faguo Jinqi de Feizhou Yanjiu DOngtai (Current African Studies in France), Xiya Feizhou
Zhongfei Guanxi Fazhan de Bianxi (Analyse on Discriminative Development of Sino-African Relation), Xiya Feizhou (West Asia and Africa), No.7, 200817-22;
Gangguo(Jin) Shangjiadanjia Lianhekuangye Gongsi Bianqian de Lishi Qishi (A Lesson of History from the Mutation of a company of Belgian Congo-UMHK), Beida Shixue (Beida Clio), No.13, 2008, 416-442;
Shixi Riben dui Fei zhengce jiqi Tedian (Analysis on Japanese African policy and characteristics), Ya Fei Yanjiu (Asia-African studies), No.3, Jan. 2010, 149-164;
Ting Ba Ke Tu yu Hei Feizhou Wnehua Fuxing: gongshi haishi huanxiang? (Timbuktu and Black African Renaissance: Consensus or Fantasy?), Ya Fei Yanjiu (Asia-African studies), No.4, 2010, 385-397;
Feizhou Yingxiang—Feizhou Renwen Yanjiu de Yige Xinshijiao (African Images—a new Perspective of African Human Studies), Feizhou Yanjiu (African Studies), Vol.1, No.1,2010, 223-234;
 La « Redécouverte » de l’Afrique à Travers l’Enseignement de l’Histoire du Continent,in Contient Premier Magazine,Feb.20, 2011.
Cong Fazhanxue he Nongmin Yanjiu Shijiao Fenxi Sannong Wenti he Zhongguo Guojia yu Nongmin de Guanxi (Analysis of China State-peasantry relations from the viewpoint of the Development and Peasant Studies), Zhongguo Xueshu (China Academy), Volume 29, 2011.
China’s Soft Power in Africa, The African Executive, November 2-9, 2011,Posted on the website
Translated Works
Mammo Muchie: Time is Coming: Reconstruction of African Identity, Xiya Feizhou (+80)R.R. Palmer, Joel Colton, Lloyd Kramer, History of Modern World, Beijing: Shijie tushu Chuban Gongsi, Chapter 24.