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北京论坛分论坛之中非合作:新趋势、新问题 参会邀请函

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北京论坛分论坛之中非合作:新趋势、新问题 参会邀请函

Invitation to the second China-Africa Forum:Sino-African Development Cooperation: New Trends and Challenges

I.   Introduction

In recent years, Africa has made remarkable achievements in the field of politics, economy, culture and society and developed in a flourishing way. Global order and international patterns are undergoing profound adjustments, building a win-win global partnership meets the demands of the age. China and Africa are the vital partners sharing common destiny, being confronted with the brand-new opportunities and challenges. China and its African counterpart are jointly exploring the coexistence of diverse values and trying to innovate ways of cooperation facing the shared future in the changing world.


In 2016, Yale University MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies[u1]  and Center for African Studies Peking University cooperated to hold the first China-Africa Forum successfully in Lagos, Nigeria. The theme of the conference was “Africa-China Relations: Balance, Growth and a Sustainable Future”. In November, 2017, Yale University MacMillan Center and PKUCAS are going to herald in the second China-Africa Forum. The theme of this year would be “Sino-African Development Cooperation: New Trends and challenges”. As a sub-forum, this conference is supported by PKU Beijing Forum which will be held during November 3rd-5th in Beijing. (The working language of the conference is English.) The conference will invited distinguished respondents from university, government, international organizations and civil society.


II. Application

Center for African Studies Peking University and Yale University MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies[u2]  sincerely invite distinguished scholars, respondents from government, international organizations and civil society to participate in the conference. If you have interest in this conference and intend to share your precious perspectives and your research findings, please submit an abstract before the end of July. The first priority of our select will be given to those papers based on the first-hand empirical research. However, the topic of your paper could fit in, but not necessarily limit to the content of conference framework listed below.


The forum will focus on latest development of Sino-African development cooperation, and will be organized along five thematic panels:

1、 The changing landscapes and institutions of China- African cooperation;

2、 Emerging engagement of Non-profit Sector and people-to-people exchange and cooperation

3、 Special Economic zones, agricultural modernization and industrialization cooperation in Africa

4、New progress of International Development Cooperation: China’s bilateral, trilateral and multilateral approaches in Africa

5、 The Belt and the Road initiative and China-African new cooperation



Due to the limited seats, most excellent papers will be selected. The abstracts (in digital version, about 500 words) are due on July 31, 2017. The abstract should be in English.

Paper format:

 Prepared in MS-Word

 Size A4

 Double-spaced text; all notes as endnotes (1.5 spaced)

 12-point font for the paper’s body and 14-point for the paper’s title

Times New Roman font or similar

The front cover will include the presenter’s name, institution, contact information, and paper’s title.

Please send the abstract to china-africa@pku.edu.cn and africa-china@yale.edu and note your name, country, institute, position and mobile phone number. Please be kindly noted that we may not reply to all applications due to the high demand, time pressure and the heavy load of our working team. If you don’t receive the invitation letter before 1st September, it means that you are not selected. Thank you in advance, for your interest, and also your kind understanding and support!


III.      About the Conference

1、Dates:November 3rd – 5th, 2017 (Friday to Sunday) (Registration on Thursday, November2nd, followed by the three-day conference)


3、Working Language: English

4、Accommodation and transportation

Accepted Overseas applicants

The Beijing Forum will provide overseas participants (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents) with accommodation during the conference (November 2-5), and with a standard international transportation subsidy (precise amount will be specified in the invitation letter).


Accepted Chinese applicantsThe Beijing Forum will provide participants who are not Beijing residents with accommodation during the conference (November 2-5), and with the full reimbursement of their round-trip travel expenses by train or air (economy class only). The Beijing Forum will not provide accommodation for participants who reside in Beijing, but will provide a standard transportation subsidy to facilitate their participation.


Please note:

In accordance with the Beijing Forum’s financial regulations, participants will receive the above-mentioned international and inner-city subsidy or reimbursement after registration only.



一、 分论坛简介




二、 参会申请方式




3. 经济特区实践、农业现代化与工业化领域的合作

4. 新型国际发展合作:双边,三边与更多多边创新

5. 一带一路愿景与中非新型合作



申请方式:因参会者名额有限,需要经过遴选程序。申请参会者须在2017 年7月31 日前提交与会议内容有关的电子版论文摘要(一千字左右)至邮箱china-africa@pku.edu.cn和africa-china@yale.edu。论文标题和摘要要求为中、英文双语。摘要格式:

① MS-Word 文档

② 纸张大小 A4

③ 字体

英文:Times New Roman


④ 正文字号 12;标题字号 14

⑤ 行间距 1.5 倍行距

⑥ 文章封面上请注明论文题目、作者姓名、单位以及电子邮件地址




1、时间:2017 年11 月3 日(周五)~ 11 月5 日(周日)

(会期3 天;注册时间为 2017 年11 月2 日)





(1)论坛将在会议期间为入选的海外学者提供免费食宿(2017 年11 月2 日-11月5 日)。此外,并提供一定的旅费补贴(具体金额请见邀请函)。


会议期间,论坛免费提供食宿(2017 年11 月2 日- 11月5 日)。此外,论坛还将以实报实销的形式报销本人单位所在地至北京的往返机票(限经济舱)或火车票(动车或高铁限二等座及以下)的费用。根据论坛有关财务规定,将在到会后报销上述交通费用。