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General Introduction

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The Centre for African Studies of Peking University(PKUCAS), founded in 1998, is an interdisciplinary institution for comprehensive African research. It consists of teachers and research fellows from different departments and institutes at the university, who specialize in African politics, economy, culture, history, sociology, languages and literature. The center now has about 20 staff members and 10 invited guest researchers and several dozens of students associates that now are based world-widely. Currently, as the centre is trying to develop the first African Study Program in China, it will greatly increase number of research fellows, inviting well-known scholars at home and abroad as well. The mandate of the centre is to promote African studies at Peking University, and improve its linkage with other institutions. Its task is as follows: To coordinate African studies at Peking University and improve its linkage with other institutions; To provide training for graduate students and promote academic exchange and research cooperation; To provide program and consultation for organizations and enterprises; To publish PKU-African-Tele-info (weekly), Annual Review of African Studies in China and series in order to provide information about Africa and present the achievement of Chinese Africanists.

Honorary Director: Lu Ting-en (Professor)
Adviser:         Ning Sao (Professor), Zheng Jiaxin (Professor)
Director:         Li Anshan (Professor)
Deputy Directors: Lin Fengmin (Professor)
             Zhao Baisheng (Professor)
Yan Jun (Deputy Director of Office of International Relations, PKU) 
Liu Haifang (Associate Professor)
Wei Liming (Professor)
Secretary General; Liu Haifang
Deputy Secretary General: Ms. Lu Jiao
Dr. Pan Huaqiong 




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